Associate Member Program

The COSIA Associate Member Program allows companies, government agencies, academic bodies and other stakeholders who share the COSIA Vision, but are not oil sands producers themselves, to work closely with COSIA Members to accelerate the pace of environmental performance improvements in Canada’s oil sands.

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Current Associate Members

We currently have a broad range of Associate Members, ranging from small and medium enterprises and academic institutes to multinational corporations and government agencies. Many Associate Members have joined to ensure their strategic planning efforts are aligned with industry priorities. This allows them to ensure their innovation budgets and capacities can be effectively utilized in both the short and long term.

COSIA offers its AMs a number of benefits including:

  • Input into COSIA strategic plans or other planning documents through meetings, focus groups, workshops, surveys or other forms of engagement.
  • Information about the progress of COSIA’s Environmental Priority Areas and project work.
  • Participation in a non-voting capacity in COSIA meetings not open to the general public.
  • Advanced receipt of COSIA publications (e.g. public studies, press releases, etc.).
  • Access to networking and engagement opportunities with COSIA members and other AMs.
  • Ability to propose the development of new COSIA projects.
  • Possible participation in proposed or existing COSIA projects.
  • Discounts on fees for COSIA-managed events and conferences in an amount determined by COSIA in advance of each event or conference.
  • Affiliation with COSIA in annual reports and on websites.

COSIA Members understand they don’t have all the solutions to the environmental challenges facing the oil sands industry. COSIA has created its Associate Member Program to bring additional knowledge, experience and perspectives together to attain common goals.

Associate Membership is open to organizations that share COSIA’s Vision and have a common interest in delivering on that Vision. Particularly organizations that have unique capabilities that can be brought to bear in accelerating the pace of improvement in environmental performance in Canada's oil sands.

If you are interested in becoming an Associate Member, please review the following documents and complete the application form. 

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For more information about the Program please contact:

COSIA’s Associate Members are: